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I graduated from South Side High School in Jackson, TN in 2012. Upon graduation, I started my college career at Union University, which is also in Jackson, TN. I knew right away that my profession would be education. I began my education courses and right away I began completing observation hours. I continued this for the next three years. Before my senior year began, Union Univeristy assignmed me to an internship placement at East Elementary in Humboldt, TN. While working with my mentor teacher, I quickly learned many things that would prepare me for a career in education. Upon graduating from Union University in 2016, I accepted a position at East Elementary teaching 4th grade. I taught 4th grade my very first year, 6th grade my second year, and now approaching 6th grade my third year teaching. 


I have been teaching at East Elementary in Humboldt, TN for two years. 

I have taught 4th grade at (all subjects) and I have also taught 6th grade (Science/Social Studies).


I am currently the 6th grade Science/ Social Studies teacher and will began my third year at East Elementary for the 2018-2019 school year. 



My name is Rosalind (Rose)  Mullins. I grew up in a small community called Huntersville, right outside of Jackson. I was raised by my grandparents, whom taught me numerous things and supported me in everything I did! Without them, graduating high school and college would not have possible. I strongly believe the reason why I wanted to pursue a career in teaching was because of the many, important lessons and skills that were instilled in me. 


I graduated from South Side High School in 2012 and Union University in 2016. I have been teaching at East Elementary the past 2 years and am getting ready to begin my third year. I have learned through experience that teaching is a passion, not a job. You have to truly love what you do to be a teacher- it requires 100% of you every single day! I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Teaching has truly been a calling and I am so blessed here at East Elementary. 


Aside from school, I enjoy being on the go! I help take care of my grandmother and take on babysitting jobs. I love spending my weekends at the TN River. I enjoy being with others, especially friends and family.