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Subjects Taught
4th Grade Math, 4th Grade Reading, 4th Grade Science, 4th Grade Social Studies


South Side High School 2012 graduate


Union University 2016 graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Teaching & Learning and Interdisciplinary Studies

Elementary K-6


1st year Teacher at East Elementary teaching 4th grade


During my senior year at Union University, I completed a 1 school year long internship at East Elementary School in Humboldt.



My name is Ms. Rosalind Mullins. I grew up in a small community called Huntersville, right outside of Jackson. I was raised by my grandparents, whom taught me numerous things and supported me in everything I did! Without them, graduating high school and college would not have possible. I strongly believe the reason why I wanted to pursue a career in teaching was because of the many, important lessons and skills that were instilled in me. I attended high school at South Side High School and graduated in 2012. I then began my college career shtortly after at Union University. During my senior year, I completed a 1 year long internship in 4th grade at East Elementary. The internship was challenging at times, but overall a successful one. I learned so much and also fell in love with the school itself, including the staff and especially the students.With that being said, I quickly accepted a job at East teaching 4th grade upon graduation and I am so blessed to have 20 unique students this year! Even though this is my first year teaching, I have high hopes and high expecations for myself, as well as my students. 

Aside from school, I have many hobbies. First and foremost, anything outsidie and in nature is right up my alley. I enjoy traveling to the Tennessee River on the weekends and boating. I also love spending time and playing with my lab named, Ellie. She is such a blessing to come home to after an exhausting day at work. I almost forgot to mention my love for the Tennessee Vols. Football season is the best and I love getting together with friends and watching an intense game. In my extra spare time, I do enjoy walking and doing a little shopping too!